The Future of Business Conference is a day-long event to explore the connection between entrepreneurship, investing, and sustainability.  

By bringing together some of the brightest minds in entrepreneurship and finance, Brown EP hopes to inspire students - the entrepreneurs and investors of tomorrow - to incorporate sustainability factors when making future business decisions. The Conference will take place at Brown University in November 2017.

At EP, we believe that sustainable entrepreneurship and sustainable investing is not smart philanthropy, but smart business. We know that accounting for ESG principles is a risk-adjusted investment, bound to generate stronger long-run returns than companies seeking financial returns alone.

This fall, Brown EP is proud to host The Future of Business Conference: Sustainability in Entrepreneurship and Investing.  Each of our speakers, who are working to solve the world’s most urgent challenges in sectors like sustainable agriculture, affordable housing, healthcare, education, renewable energy and microfinance, will bring a unique perspective on the importance of building a culture that embraces the intersection of business and positive societal change.