Brown EP’s Student Startup Fair is an opportunity for the Brown community to learn about the extraordinary student ventures being run on college hill. We have invited student entrepreneurs from Brown, RISD, and PRIME to showcase their startups, sell their products, and recruit new team members. The event will take place in Sayles Hall on Thursday February 23, 2017 from 5pm to 6:30pm. We hope to see you there!




Bryte Photo organizes LinkedIn photoshoots with career centers.  Bryte Photo first offered its unique LinkedIn photo sessions on the Brown Main Green in March, 2016.  Since then, Bryte Photo has gone on to partner with 9 career centers around New England and take LinkedIn photos for over 1000 college students.

Hiring: Looking to meet with:  We’d love to meet with internship seeking students (both technical and non-technical), amateur photographers, advisors, and investors.


Finnest is a mobile bank account for youth that teaches the value of money by providing tools and activities for saving, spending and investing their money. Finnest solves many struggles when it comes to parents teaching their children early money skills.

Our product is an FDIC insured mobile-first bank account that comes with a pre-paid debit card.  Finnest is the way banking should start. We are looking to expand our team with a technical co-founder and start developing a prototype. With over 50 million potential customers all overlooked by traditional retail banks, Finnest is tapping a market with big potential. 

Hiring: We are looking to expand our team with a technical co-founder and start developing a prototype


TINK knit

Tink Knit is a student-run nonprofit startup that provides an innovative solution to poverty among single mothers through knitting. We enable single mothers to knit hats and scarves that are currently sold at the Brown and RISD Bookstore, returning all proceeds back to the mothers. Tink Knit has sold over 800 products in 2 years and returned $15,000 directly back to the mothers, -and have received multiple awards including the McKinsey Women's Impact Award.



Higher education and talent shortage are among the most alarming problems in the developing world. Fermi's mission is to democratize career development and professional education through personalized online learning. We target industries and countries facing hiring difficulties, and help young professionals build the most demanded skills -- including data science, design thinking and business -- through interactive online learning. We partner with renowned companies and direct our best students to relevant career opportunities.

We are hiring software engineers and course content developers! If you are interested in creating short courses in topics like big data and corporate finance or building a web application and/or the machine learning behind adaptive e-learning, reach out at

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 5.31.59 PM.png


Pangea is the craigslist of the 21st century.  Our mission is to connect people and shift economic power back to individuals.  We make it easy to provide and purchase both goods and services in your local community while building trust and establishing your credibility.  



Lasso Investing is a mobile application that allows individuals to invest in groups. Users pool money to buy stocks via group decision-making. We curate a feed of investing activity populated by user networks. These interactions allow both new and experienced investors to crowdsource investing strategies and decrease the searching cost for making a wise investment.

We are preparing for a private beta in February that will facilitate paper trading on the app. Our production beta will launch soon after and will allow transactions in the equities market via Tradier brokerage. We are excited to get people signed up for Lasso, here:


Nomnomz is a software startup that provides self-service checkout kiosks to quick-service restaurants, increasing revenue through easy order customization and easing staffing issues.

We are hiring salespeople, sales managers and salespeople for corporate clients. Prior sales experience is preferable but not necessary. Knowledge of software is not needed. We are also looking for iOS developers and software engineers—especially if they also know web development, data analyticsor Node.js as well.

Salespeople would be on the ground team selling to independent restaurants as well as small- and medium-sized chain restaurants. Corporate salespeople will be working with large companies that have hundreds or thousands of locations, getting leads, introducing them to our products, negotiating contracts and creating and executing rollout plans. Software engineers will improve the Nomnomz Checkout product and build an additional series of pre-planned products. 



She Is Without Limits is a hub for all things "she is" - a place for women to come together, share their stories, network, and have access to resources. We have a blog, podcast, merchandise, and a book titled "She Is Without Limits" written by co-founder Haley Hoffman Smith.

We are selling our apparel: and are looking for those who'd like to get involved in a profit-sharing capacity.  


At TextUp we build software tools for small non-profits in order to foster strong relationships between those providing services and those in need.  Small non-profits don't have the budgets to afford the six figure customer relationship management (CRM) software platforms made for large for-profit companies.  At TextUp we leverage our skills and access as Brown students and alumni to partner with these small non-profits to build low-cost, high-utility software tailored to their needs.  

With our mobile-accessible software, agency staff can stay organized with seamless online client communication records, provide robust client care via collaborative case management tools, keep clients informed on service availability with en masse text/robo-call updates, and more.


Clara is the first platform that provides a complete end-to-end solution built for prospective clinical trial participants that allows them to easily find and complete research studies. Participants can make an account and integrate their EHRs, which will update in real time as information in their health record is changed. When searching for studies, this information is used to automatically remove any studies they do not qualify for based on the inclusion/exclusion criteria of the study. Studies are detailed with clear non-technical language, and users can filter the remaining studies for features such as number of visits, metatags, geographic location, and placebo usage. 

 Hiring: Full Stack/ Front End Developers (Python on Django, React/Redux, PostgreSQL)


Unblurr leverages our addiction to SMS to make fitness addicting. 

Hiring: Android and IOS Developers


karma coins

Karma Coins is the lovechild of Pokemon GO and the PowerBall Lottery: a philanthropic augmented reality mobile game with high stakes and even higher rewards.

What we're looking for: Front-end developers with graphic design and animation experience. 


Kulisha offers a wastewater treatment solution for food and beverage processing plants that converts organic biosolid waste products into a sustainable insect-based protein for use in animal feeds and an agricultural fertilizer.

I am looking to hire an industrial engineer/ design (thinking primarily of RISD students)


Empoly is an online network that connects employers to talented, qualified job-seekers living with disabilities in the United States. Empoly allows candidates to claim and disclose their disability to employers who value diversity in all forms - leading to greater cultural fit, ease in accommodation, and equity in the job application process. 


Rodan and Fields is an emerging premium skincare brand, ranked #1 in acne, #1 in anti-age, and #2 in skincare overall in the U.S. The company runs on a multilevel marketing platform made up of thousands of independent consultants around the world who grow business through social media marketing, networking, and team building. Rodan and Fields provides anyone with the opportunity to grow their own business, learn valuable skills, and pass those skills on to others who wish to do the same. 

Looking to Hire: Driven, self motivated individuals who are looking for marketing experience and want to learn more about social media marketing and networking. Being passionate about skincare is a bonus- but even if you aren't, R + F is an incredible, life changing product from which "anyone with skin" can benefit. Working at R + F is an opportunity to run your own business on your own schedule. The time you put in is the money you get out.



Project LETS is a non-profit organization aiming to build an inclusive community and network for folks with mental illness through peer support services, advocacy efforts, and political change.

We are looking for folks with lived experience of mental illness/disability with a wide range of interests and skills!



We have invented breakthrough technology to disrupt the acoustic music space. Our first product, CloseUp System, is a patented, one-stop solution to amplification and recording needs of acoustic string musicians.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 2.34.41 PM.png


CHE provides quinoa alternative for everyday food.

We are looking for students who can help with marketing,graphic design and social media.

We will be selling CHE snacks at the event.


Fetchum is a social, app-based, on-demand delivery service solely catered to college campuses.


Py is an app that teaches you everything from Swift to Astrophysics.

We are looking for iOS Engineers.



Safariable offers affordable, hand-crafted excursions to some of the most breathtaking places on the planet. It makes travel safe, fun, and life changing. Group camaraderie and thoughtful programming make it one of a kind. 

Looking to hire: Marketing Intern, Program Assistants, Traveler Relations Intern


Peta aims to increase access to prosthetics for low-income people with limb disabilities in Vietnam by collecting used prosthetics in the U.S, ensuring quality control of prosthetics, and working directly with local clinics and hospitals in Vietnam to repurpose the parts for disabled patients. We have raised $40k+, fitted 31 patients with prosthetics and have partnered with prosthetics manufacturers such as LIMBS International and ReMotion.

Our next goal is to locally manufacture low cost prosthetics. We are looking for biomedical mechanical engineers to join the design team. 


share the spotlight

Share the Spotlight is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization aimed at making performance based music education accessible to students in New York City who may not otherwise have the financial means to attend a music program. During a free intensive eight-week summer program, students rehearse twice a week in bands consisting of guitar, bass, drums, vocals and keyboard to learn rock, funk, blues and related styles of music. At the end of the summer, students perform a concert at a real NYC rock venue.

Since 2014, we have partnered with several public and charter schools in NYC, including The Equity Project and the Young Women’s Leadership Network to recruit passionate middle and high school students. In 2016, we had almost 100 students audition for 20 spaces in the program. 

Our goal is to not only provide equal access to music education but to help our students become confident, engaged, critical thinkers through the experience of playing and performing. More information, as well as videos featuring past students can be found on our website at

We are seeking passionate and committed Brown students for the roles of Assistant Director of Student Outreach, Assistant Director of Development and Finance and Director of Media and Marketing. Commitment for spring semester, estimated 3-4 hours/week.

Assistant Director of Student Outreach - strong communication skills, passion for social justice, particularly educational equity
Assistant Director of Development and Finance -fundraising and accounting / budgeting, future interest in managing not-for-profit finances is a plus
Director of Media and Marketing - experience with web design, film and video editing
Fluency in Spanish is a big plus for all positions (but not required)!

Official FlairTime iOS Icon.png


Press one button to hang out. FlairTime is the easiest way to spend more time with your friends. Forget annoying group texts and tedious planning. Just press one button to tell friends what you want to do! Way Better Than Texting - Pressing 1 Button > Typing Sentences - Very Organized (Event details, comments..etc) - No Cluttering Up Group Texts - Not Awkward (Friends don’t “need” to respond) Do More With Friends - Grabbing Lunch - Shooting Hoops - Going Out - Planning Events (House party, road trip..etc) - And more…!


Cacao grows only in the global south and has a deep colonial history. Cacao was first planted in Vietnam in the 19th century by French colonists. Today, thousands of small farmers have begun to reimagine the heritage of these universally-beloved seeds, growing cacao as a shade crop on small coconut and mango farms. Our team first visited a cacao farm in Dong Nai near Vietnam’s national forest this summer. Shocked by the presence of the bright vibrant cacao pods and by the unique flavor and quality of its beans, we did a little more digging and found a surprising history and promising future. Vietnam is projected to grow twice as much cacao in the next several years, but the direction of the crop is at a critical juncture, either to produce premium, organic cacao or plantation-style bulk crops. Our team aims to increase the income of smallholder cacao farmers in Vietnam by partnering with them to develop sustainable farming techniques, create a recognized brand, and bring their unique produce to international buyers at a premium price. Our first initiative is to create a network of smallholder farmers and to create a brand for pure Vietnamese cacao through our chocolate products.

Farmer Willie's Alcoholic Ginger Beer

Farmer Willie's is a healthy ginger beer that has four times less sugar and fifty-one fewer calories than the average ginger beer. On top of that we have alcohol making us a ginger beer you can drink straight on top of being able to mix it with your favorite spirits.

We are looking for Interns that know how to do market research



DrawingPoems is an online art platform that enables users to share drawing documentaries and participate the art experience. DrawingPoems believes in sharing the joy of art and connecting to “the other.”

We are looking to hire those who share the vision of DrawingPoems, are passionate about combining art and business, and have expertise in business, marketing or computer science. 

Choose Something Good

Choose Something Good, a social enterprise company founded in 2014, is a nonprofit-volunteer platform that seeks to address several problems within the nonprofit sector. Our company aims to correct these problems mainly by actively creating connections and facilitating a relationship between high school volunteers and local nonprofits. The vehicle for this connection is a personality/strengths-finder quiz, which matches a volunteer with one of the nonprofit opportunities in our database. By taking our quizzes, volunteers connect to programs that match their interests and abilities. As a consequence of this “matching” process, nonprofits will attract better candidates and have less attrition in their volunteer staff.

We are looking for people interested in learning about the nonprofit sector and working directly with nonprofits and local high schools; strong analytical skills and some experience in business preferred but not necessary 

Lorem Technologies

Your personal web developer. Lorem connects small business owners to expert freelancers in under a minute. We are funded by Techstars with offices in New York City.

We are looking to hire developers: web, full-stack, backend. Looking for graduating seniors looking to join an early startup backed by Techstars.


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