Brown EP’s Student Startup Fair is an opportunity for the Brown community to learn about the extraordinary student ventures being run on college hill. We have invited student entrepreneurs from Brown, RISD, and PRIME to showcase their startups, sell their products, and recruit new team members. The event will take place in Sayles Hall on Thursday February 22, 2018 from 5pm to 6:30pm. We hope to see you there!



Tink Knit

Tink Knit is a Brown University & Rhode Island School of Design student-run nonprofit that enables low-income single mothers in Rhode Island to make a supplemental income through knitting. Partnering with Healthy Families at Meeting Street, Tink Knit has provided over 50 single mothers part-time income at home while taking care of their kids and empowers them to develop sustainable skills with the ultimate goal of becoming financially independent. The finished hand-knitted hats, scarves and headbands are sold at the Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design bookstores and pop-up sale events. Over the past three years, Tink Knit has raised over $30,000 in revenue and returned over $18,000 directly to the mothers. Tink Knit won the 2015 McKinsey Women’s Impact Award/2015 & 2016 Walmart’s Women’s Economic Empowerment Award and operates with a strong board of directors including professionals working at McKinsey, JP Morgan, Disney Corporate Strategy, as well as renowned entrepreneurship professors at Brown University.

Hiring: Volunteer Basis: Students for our Business, Marketing, and Operations (Potential Separate E-Commerce) Teams


We are a disruptive software startup that is cutting down the amount of waste that supermarkets generate while saving them money in the process.

Hiring: Software Engineers


Penta Prosthetics

Penta’s non-profit branch collects used lower-limb prosthetic devices from clinics and individuals in the United States and distributes them to patients who otherwise would be unable to afford them. In the United States, tens of thousands of devices are replaced each year and there is no clear channel to recycle or resell them due to insurance and liability regulations. Penta partners with prosthetic clinic chains to collect used devices, engages in a robust quality control test, and partners with the largest orthopaedic hospital and several private clinics in Vietnam to fit them for our patients. The entire process costs roughly $200 for each patient, which is 1-5% of market price and they receive a high-tech device and personalized fitting. $70 goes toward covering our overhead cost, which includes shipping and logistics.



Pangeamart is a peer-to-peer marketplace for college students, which allows you to offer services, and goods, to your peers. Discover what everyone has to offer, transact, collaborate, establish a reputation, and build new connections with purpose. Available on iOS for Brown, RISD, and JWU students.

Hiring: Graphic Designers, Animators, Software Engineers

Koi logo final.png

koi prosthetics

We are a group of undergraduate engineering students from Brown University developing low-cost prosthetic solutions for amputees in developing countries. Our members have backgrounds in orthopedic and material research, mechanical analysis, design and product development. We are students looking to make a difference by using engineering design and experience in developing countries to increase prosthetic accessibility.

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The Joey is a phone-adhering pocket for IDs and keys. Never get locked out again!


Isotope ticketing

Event ticketing/CRM platform.

Hiring: Software developers 

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hapi water solutions

HAPI Water Solutions provides potable water with a compact atmospheric generator. Our goal is to provide a tool that makes water reliable and accessible for a wide variety of users globally.

Hiring: Software developers, economics, engineers, project manager. 



Gradmor helps students prepare for emerging careers. Through our community, we bridge the gap between school and the professional world by helping ambitious students and recent graduates jump-start their career.  

Hiring: Interns and entry level roles in marketing.


Farmer Willie's

We're making a craft ginger beer using real, cold-pressed ginger, 4x less sugar than other ginger beers, gluten free, and 4.5% ABV. Farmer Willie's is available in liquor stores, bars, and restaurants throughout Eastern Mass and Rhode Island. This is a cleaner, crisper, better ginger beer - this is Ginger with Soul.

Hiring: We're looking for innovative and vibrant Brown students to represent Farmer Willies at customer-facing events through our new Brand Ambassador Program.

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At CrossCheck we're working on fighting fake news with our proprietary algorithms. Using our Chrome Extension, individuals will be able to validate and contextualize any news, blog, Facebook post or other content they read online. We also plan to utilize our technology in different spaces such as public relations, journalism, government, and education.

Hiring: Marketing and computer science



Anamakos is a sustainable real estate company, renovating old multi-family properties to create zero-wast, community-oriented, living spaces.

Hiring: We might be interested in hiring a real estate finance student.

Action Auctions Logo (1).jpg

action auctions

A web app that gamifies philanthropy! Combines a 50-50 with a silent auction! 

Hiring: Software engineers, Design/UX, Mathematicians/Statisticians/Game Theorists.

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Che! Is a food company, which focuses on the healthy snack sector. The idea for this company began when one of our co-founders Daniella was diagonsed with anemia. As a self confessed snackaholic, she tried to find snack options that meet my health and nutritional need but she came up empty. Just like anemia, certain health conditions are connected to poor nutrition. This connection has led to the unmistakable and growing movement, across all demographics, toward healthier eating. That’s when the Che team and I decide to solve snack time dilemma. From our bottom up research, we discovered that people need nutritious and great tasting that satisfies their hunger, health needs and taste buds At Che, we developed proprietary recipes with healthy and non-traditional ingredients. This means that we do not use any potato, corn and sugary syrups in our snacks. Our flavors are designed to satisfy the taste, health and nutritional needs of customers. We combined ancient grains, fruits and vegetables to create a sweet, great tasting, low calorie crisp packed with key nutrients needed in the daily life of a consumer. This is why the product is not a cookie, not a cracker and not a chip. It’s CHE!, a word meaning and bringing more “excitement” to the world in the form of a healthy snack!

Hiring: Photographers and people in marketing

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Pets empower helps domestic violence survivors foster pets, allowing them to enter domestic violence shelters, and later reunite. Nearly half of domestic violence survivors stay in abusive relationships because they can't find a pet foster and domestic violence shelters prohibit pets.

Hiring: interns primarily unpaid, possibly paid


Tosh catering

Tosh is a Private Chef and Catering Company that provides food and beverage services in a sustainably conscious way. Our focus is on creating a top notch experience for our guests, while providing unforgettable service.


somm id

SommID is a platform for tracking provenance data for high-end wines, providing collectors, retailers, auction houses, and every person involved in a wine's life confidence and accountability when acquiring products from third-parties.

The artist's assistant

Education tool to assist with color mixing

Hiring: Computer Scientists, Engineers


lets go

LetsGo helps friends get together using temporary, events-based location sharing.

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Brown Student Agencies

Brown Student Agencies is a student run corporation that provides Brown students with services from outside vendors. Our programs include laundry services, care packages, storage, fan rental, and venture competitions.

Hiring: We'll be looking for venture pitches (for our contest) and a Graphic Designer/Marketing Manager


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