Brown EP’s Student Startup Fair is an opportunity for the Brown community to learn about the extraordinary student ventures being run on college hill. We have invited student entrepreneurs from Brown, RISD, and PRIME to showcase their startups, sell their products, and recruit new team members. The event will take place in the Leung Family Gallery (second floor of Faunce) on Thursday February 21, 2018 from 5:30pm to 7pm. We hope to see you there!



Tink Knit

Tink Knit is a Brown University & Rhode Island School of Design student-run nonprofit that enables low-income single mothers in Rhode Island to make a supplemental income through knitting. Partnering with Healthy Families at Meeting Street, Tink Knit has provided over 50 single mothers part-time income at home while taking care of their kids and empowers them to develop sustainable skills with the ultimate goal of becoming financially independent. The finished hand-knit hats, scarves and headbands are sold at the Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design bookstores, pop-up sale events, and at Over the past three years, Tink Knit has raised over $30,000 in revenue and returned over $18,000 directly to the mothers. Tink Knit won the 2015 McKinsey Women’s Impact Award/2015 & 2016 Walmart’s Women’s Economic Empowerment Award and operates with a strong board of directors including professionals working at McKinsey, JP Morgan, Disney Corporate Strategy, as well as renowned entrepreneurship professors at Brown University.

Hiring: Volunteer Basis: Students for our Business, Marketing, Operations, and E-Commerce Teams is a marketplace that allows students to build track records through freelancing. We help students cultivate their skills sets to make the transition from academia to the professional world as seamless as possible. Ultimately, a student's completion of short-term projects with local startups, businesses, and community members will help them build their reputation and land full-time jobs upon graduation, all while making money on their own schedules.

Hiring: Software engineers, data scientists, designers, marketers, social media managers

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Kezari is a minimalist travel and lifestyle brand. We make travel clothing modern and functional— the 10% of your wardrobe you wear 90% of the time.

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ES Vegas is a fun and interactive betting platform for esports based on the fantasy sports model.

Hiring: Programmers, sharps, UX design, marketing

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koi prosthetics

According to the WHO, there are 40 million amputees in developing countries but only 5% have access to prosthetic devices due to expensive solutions and remotely-located specialists. Lower limb amputation -- the most common form of amputation in developing countries -- limits mobility, which is highly correlated with quality of life. Therefore, we are developing low-cost and easily adjustable prosthetics that streamline the prosthetic fitting process and can rapidly return amputees to their daily lives.

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Streamline Analytica LLC

A software solutions company that helps manufacturing companies with maintenance resource planning.

Hiring: Computer Science majors


PooL together

PoolTogether is a platform that combines economic principles with technology to solve a modern problem: voter turnout. Users of the app pledge money (either in a group or alone) and, if they vote, are rewarded with a return on their money, but if they fail to vote, they forfeit their deposit.

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A high quality, low cost clothing brand that attempts to spread a simple yet important message.



Formally makes immigration easy. 

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Microphones computer fitted to musical instruments, and related work.

Hiring: part time opportunities for those interested.

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La Pâte is a new crêpe stand that aims to offer students and people of Providence reasonably priced, authentic French crêpes with convenient service and location. Ian and Lucas got together to start the venture at the beginning of their sophomore year. Ian, whose family is from Brittany, France, has always enjoyed eating and making crêpes, and Lucas, who has experience working in professional bakeries, wanted to start some foodservice venture at Brown. So, starting a crêpe stand together was something they decided would be fun to do, and so far, La Pâte has been met with high demand from students during its on-campus sales. La Pâte also plans on growing its social role on campus by partnering with other student clubs. These clubs would include artists for cross-promotion events and charity groups for coordinating the stand's donations to charities voted on by customers. La Pâte will also soon be launching a website to coordinate its catering services.


Art to Reduce Mental Health Stigma

Art to Reduce Mental Health Stigma or ARMS is a nonprofit based in Providence that is fighting the stigma around mental health through art and open dialogue.

Hiring: general application open for those interested.

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Cloud Agronomics

Cloud AG is an aerial imaging and data analytics venture that can detect crop disease outbreaks earlier than farmers have ever been able to, enabling them to surgically remove or treat the disease before it spreads.

Hiring: Looking for experience with spectroscopy, GIS software, AWS, computer vision, machine learning, data visualization, grant writing

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Our mission is to promote inclusivity, sustainability, and empowerment through a peer-to-peer dress rental and exchange service that aims to increase access to fashion for all regardless of socioeconomic background. STW aims to mitigate the fashion industry’s detrimental impact on the environment by limiting excessive consumerism.

Hiring: Students of all gender, primarily Freshmen & Juniors.

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BrainChain is an online platform for finding and forming group study sessions. Visit BrainChain here: BrainChain is currently live at Brown - give it a try!

Hiring: Operations, marketing, software engineering (frontend + backend)



We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to bridging the education gap for underrepresented and low-income communities through free visual STEM focused lesson plans and study aids for teachers and students alike. Through augmented reality (AR) simulations, 2D games, infographics, and a variety of digital media made by local artists, our study material integrates visual technology into seemingly mundane or otherwise dry content. With these goals in mind, we hope to create a more diverse workforce and help students pursue higher education, whether that be college, graduate, or medical programs.

Hiring: volunteers.

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intus care

Using technology (i.e. automated processing and machine learning), we have improved the in-home care model to increase profits. Our partnership with Lifespan of Rhode Island (Rhode Island's largest health system) within their Workforce STAT CNA Program and Youth Unemployment Program allows easy integration into the existing market. Through our application and business model, we modernize and enhance healthcare from both the provider and patient perspectives.

Hiring: Students skilled in Marketing.


Impact Labs inspires and empowers computer science students to leverage their tech skills for social good. Through a suite of initiatives and communities, Impact Labs connects passionate and talented technologists with meaningful career opportunities, provides capital to foster social entrepreneurship, and creates a strong community of engineers who are harnessing technology to build a better world!

Hiring: Looking for 1 more student team member.


As an agent of social change, I am currently working on creating an educational platform that will teach middle school students (age 6-12) about emotional awareness and healthy relationships in hopes to prevent abuse and domestic violence in my country, Madagascar. My project is more of a preventive one and mainly targets students because their brains are still malleable. I would like the next generation to cultivate self-love, self-worth, be aware of their emotions and ultimately live healthy relationships.

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ZAP charging

Zap Charging provides on-demand charging for electric vehicles, anytime and anywhere.



Dialogue-Africa is building a software platform to better help users learn African languages.

Hiring: Volunteer basis: software engineering, business development, writing/blogging, content creation and more.

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Lila TEA

Lila is a sustainable tea company that hopes to introduce Americans to the international array of loose-leaf, zero-waste teas.

Hiring: Students interested in Design.

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Sparrow Inc

Sparrow is an online platform/ mobile application that offers cheap, fast, and easy currency exchange and foreign transaction using blockchain and low exchange rates

Hiring: Tech (people with coding, programming, and blockchain experiences) and Finance (people with accounting, finance, and business model experiences)


Spacetime is a platform to play location based games with friends.

Hiring: 3D Modellers and software developers


AI-powered digital platform connecting international students with US educational consultants, streamlining personalized college application assistance

Hiring: Web developer, software engineer, full stack designer, marketers/social media managers, part-time consultants



A neat way to decorate your UGG boots, bags, jackets etc....without damaging them with pin holes!


Brown swap

In a mission to provide a unifying platform for on-campus exchanges and improve UI experience for each school around the world, we decided to start with a temporary website for all Brown students: We will be embarking on a new journey to create a newly designed website from scratch that looks more simple, intuitive, and effective for all schools. Looking to invite those interested in joining us on this journey.

Hiring: Computer Science students who are looking to get an experience on building websites from scratch.


To educate the new generation to respect all gender, learn about consent, and lift gender bias through making educational play products.

Hiring: Computer science, app development, and marketing.


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