An exciting opportunity for Brown and RISD's most exceptional engineers, designers, and aspiring entrepreneurs interning in the nation’s technological capital this summer.

Synapse is a summer program for 20 of Brown's and RISD's most exceptional engineers, designers, and aspiring entrepreneurs to visit an array of companies and build essential bridges with successful alumni entrepreneurs over the course of their summers. Synapse Fellows will return to College Hill with the perspective and network necessary to solve world-changing problems. 

Brown EP coordinates 5-10 afterwork visits for Synapse Fellows to an array of SF companies, from small startups to established firms and influential VC's. Previous summers have included trips to KPCB, Apple, Dropbox, Neon Labs, and GoPro.


Apply for Synapse fellows sf 2016 here


If you are interested in collaborating with Brown EP and hosting an event at your office this summer, please email us.