Sponsored by Brown EP, The Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship, CareerDevs, The Swearer Center, and Cox Business Solutions.

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Brown EP is proud to host “Young Entrepreneurs of Providence (YEP!),” a day for Providence high schoolers to come together on College Hill, learn about entrepreneurship, and participate in a hands-on innovation accelerator.


Saturday May 4th, 2019



Stephen Robert Hall

280 Brook St, Providence RI 02912


10:00 am: Sign in, breakfast

10:15 am: Ice-breaker activity

10:30 am: Opening Remarks from Keynote Speaker Arnell Millhouse

11:10 am: Design thinking workshop w/ Allison Inglasbe

12:30 pm: Working lunch break with Brown student entrepreneurs and mentors

1:00 pm: Business model workshop w/ Leah Lam and Lucia Winton

1:30 pm: Pitch workshop and practice

1:45 pm: Pitch practice

2:00 pm: Pitch competition w/ panel of student founders + prizes!



Arnell Millhouse, Keynote Speaker


Arnell Millhouse is passionate about innovative, at-scale, and disruptive computer science based entrepreneurship and education. In 2015, Arnell founded IntraCity Geeks (an innovative K-12 STEM education non-profit). He is the CEO and co-founder of the CareerDevs Computer Science University, which seeks to disrupt how adolescents and adults learn computer science and entrepreneurship, and find gainful 21st-century skills-based employment.

2017 TEDx Speaker | 2017 Talks at Google Speaker | 2018 American Innovation Award Recipient | HackRI co-Founder | HackPVD founder


Allison Ingalsb, Design Thinking Workshop Facilitator


Allison Ingalsb is an innovation leader with design thinking and extensive educational background. Allison has studied at Rutgers, Harvard, and Stanford, and is the Director of Signature Programs at St. Georges School. Allison specializes in working with organizations and schools to create and facilitate design thinking workshops, as well as to train teachers and students in the design thinking process.



Amelie-Sophie Vavrovsky '18, Co-founder, CEO @ Formally

Formally is an intuitive form-filler for immigration applications, designed to guide displaced people through applications for asylum, visas, and citizenship. Formally is a form with empathy. We believe in breaking bureaucratic barriers to make our world more accessible, and we do this by deconstructing forms into their base parts and reordering, grouping, and explaining these parts into a translated question flow that avoids confusion, provides examples, and warns of risk.


Joey Genfi, Computer Science '18. Co-founder and CEO @ Dialogue-Africa

Dialogue Africa is an online application for learning African Languages including Twi, Ga, Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, Amharic, Shona and more. Dialogue prepares users for real world interactions through lessons that are practical and culturally specific.

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David Lu ‘20, Co-founder, CEO @ H20K

H20k uses AI and data analytics to empower communities with cost-saving information that drive decisions ensuring sustainable access to clean drinking water.


Karina Bao ‘21, Co-founder @ Lila Tea

Lila enables tea newcomers and daily tea drinkers alike to discover novel flavors, healing experiences, and beautifully shareable moments through a wide array of loose-leaf, zero-waste teas from all around the world.

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Abigail Kohler ‘20, Co-founder and Treasurer/Secretary @ The Give Study Foundation

The Give Study Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to providing accessible education. Using innovative and aesthetically appealing content like games, augmented reality simulations, quizzes, and study guides, we aim to make engaging educational material available to all.



This event was founded by Audrey Shapiro ‘21, Leah Lam ‘21, and Lucia Winton ‘21